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Gore’s Non-science Reality 3

The problem with just 0.8 degrees C of warming of the last century, is that it is too small. It just can’t be everywhere at once. This is why the littany of disasters must be combined from multiple years. There was a heat wave and drought in Russia and Brazil last year, but this year it is the Texas and China. Before hurricanes Irene and Lee caused flooding this year, you had to go all the way back to Katrina and Rita.

When a temperature trend is imperceptible to humans within the noise of natural variation and urban heat islands, it just can’t be warmer everywhere at once, and some places miss global warming entirely.


Gore’s Non-science Reality 2

I just checked in on the live video stream again.  This time there was color pallete deceit.   A map showing levels of drought this summer had the Pacific Northwest in hot red, even though this was a wetter than normal summer due to La Nina.   Al Gore spoke about the signature of CO2 warming in the stratosphere, without disclosing that the signature doesn’t indicate what percentage of the warming CO2 is responsible for.  The signature would be present even if the warming was mostly natural and CO2 responsible for less than a third of the warming.   Of course, he leaps from that to the assumption we should swallow the model projections of future warming.

It reminds me of those Christian door to door proselytizers,  who assume that if they can get you to believe in God with various arguments and “proofs” that you will then accept the whole pantheon of supernatural beings including Christ, Satan, angels, etc.    They don’t seem to realize that we might also demand proofs for the existence of Satan.

Gore’s Non-science Reality

I just looked in on Al Gore’s 24 hour reality project at:

What I saw is a littany of the droughts, flooding and wildfire problems that are currently going on in the world. The emphasis was on fear. Any science linking them to global warming was totally absent.   For a presentation ostensibly about climate science, there was a lack of climate perspective,  such as comparable events in previous years.

The presenter goes on to project how droughts will be worse in the future, however, he doesn’t note that the models that made the projections have been documented to include less than half the INCREASE in precipitation actually OBSERVED in association with the recent warming. See this article by Wentz published in the journal science:

I highly recommend these sites for getting open discussion of the current climate science controversies and advances:

My favorite site for getting historical perspective on current weather events and seemingly prescient long range projections of the weather based upon historical data from years where the oceans and polar circulation were in a comparable state to today: