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Pseudointellectuals 00

I must give thanx to tamino at   His pretentiously intellectual “Open Mind”, found it necessary to censor me when I showed him up a bit when he called me a liar.   This inspired me to finally get off my duff and start my own blog. 

Here is the post he censored:


“This is the type of stuff I should censor, and just might, because your snide insult of Gavin Schmidt is an unjustified detestable lie. ”

If you can get somekind of public agreement from Gavin & Co. not to censor my posts, I will be happy to discuss these model failings and their implications there. I recently tried again at the behest of knockgoats @ the pharyngula site. He too had a high opinion of them, an image that is easier for them to maintain if they can avoid being confronted with certain issues. You are jumping to conclusions regarding the facts of the matter. Unfortunately just one uncensored post at would not be enough, lets get them to agree to respond in good faith, so that they can be pinned down rather than spin and censor.

I will accept even a private assurance they give to you, if you will then let me complete any discourse with them by posting here anything they censor. Don’t worry,  I don’t engage name calling or ad hominem.   I don’t make general characterizations that I can’t back up.    I don’t see them as valid arguments.

“Your “scientific” nonsense is babble.”

This is the sort of characterization that is difficult to respond to unless you can be more specific? I try not to say things I can’t back up.   I have been assuming some familiarity with the literature.

The post and thread that this is in regard to is

I have noticed that true believers in the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis have the impression is open and intellectually fearless.   Evidently, some that know what really is, think it is  important to suppress and deny the truth.   What might their motives be?